Camping Mat – An Important Accessory When Camping

These days, many people find camping as a good way to de-stress and spend quality time with family. This is one great outdoor experience where many people would like to do every once in a while. Before camping, campers would prepare their gear and other accessories and make sure that a camping mat is excluded when they pack.

Camping mats are very useful to campers since they don’t serve only one purpose. These types of camping accessories serve multiple purposes. Campers can use these mats when they sleep and place them under their sleeping bags, they can also use them when they want to relax on a hammock or even place them above the ground to watch the stars.

A camping mat is indeed every camper’s best friend when camping. Camping mats help campers sleep better since they protect the back and other body parts when sleeping. These mats also provide good insulation which is a good contributor to help campers sleep comfortably. Aside from that, they are also ideal to use outside the camping tent since they are very environment-friendly and do not destroy grasses.

There are two styles of camping mats that you should know of and these are the inflatable camping mats and foam camping mats. An inflatable camping mat is also known as a camping roll. Many campers love this style of camping sleeping mat since it does not consume a lot of space when stored due to its compactness. Aside from that, this style of camping mat is insulated and is known to have the ability to provide extra insulation at some parts of the body like the feet and the torso areas. This mat is not difficult to clean because all you need to use is a wet cloth and just wipe it slowly to get it cleaned.

Let us now move on to the other style of mat which is the foam camping mat. Foam mats also provide comfort to its users but it has a downside though, these mats are not as long-lasting and as durable as inflatable camping mats. When buying foam mats, you can choose the thickness of the mat that can suit your needs. One thing to keep in mind about these mats, foam mats should never be washed. There is nothing to worry about because its covers alone are enough to shield these mats from excessive usage and other elements.

There are some campers that prefer to use a camping mattress over those two styles of mats. Camping mattresses use air pumps to fill air unto them. They are very comfortable to use and are also lightweight. They are quite huge though which means they are bulky and consume a lot of space.

Whatever style of mat you choose, make sure that it can suit your needs and preferences. If you are going to go backpacking, it is a must to consider the weight and the size of the mat that you will bring along with you. Choose a mat that is easy to carry and is not too big.

Many experienced campers say that the ideal mat size is 6×9 inches; this is for easy folding and storage. Aside from that, this size is also very light and consumes only a small amount of space for your backpack which means there is still enough room for other camping accessories. When going camping, it is always important to consider the important camping gear, equipment and accessories that you bring with you for you will never know what the wilderness has in store for you so it would be better to come prepared. I suggest you to prepare yourself and read many guides and reviews.

It is also important to keep in mind the comfort that you need when you sleep. It would be such a bad experience if insects and other sharp objects invade your sleeping bag so it is always best to bring camping mats with you. If you are well prepared and have all your camping accessories intact, you will surely find your camping experience worthwhile. Isn’t it good to know that you can now enjoy and relax outdoors while still being able to protect the environment with the use of your environment-friendly accessories?

You can make a difference with they way others do camping since they are not conscious of the harm that they cause the environment. If you want to always have a fun and enjoyable camping experience, always make sure that you bring with you the right camping equipment and accessories.

Camp At Home With Trampoline Tents

If you are looking for things to do while your children are out of school, why not have a night of camping, fun style, every night- at home! Typically, if you were to camp in your yard, you would get the tent out, set it up, and camp. Imagine the joy your kids would exhibit if you were to tell them you were going to be “camping out” on the trampoline instead?

For under $60.00, you can purchase the newest popular accessories for a trampoline, the trampoline tent. These are available in different styles, and some are made to work with or without a trampoline netted enclosure. If you have the enclosure on your trampoline, the tent will set up without the use of any tent poles. It will simply start with bungee cords directly to the netted enclosure. If you do not have the netting, you can purchase tents for trampolines that will use the outer spring bars for set-up and tie down. Both will provide the users with adequate sleeping room. These tents are also available in many different sizes, so whether you have a 10 ft trampoline, a 14 foot, or even a 15 ft trampoline, you can find a tent to go right atop it.

These are steadily gaining popularity, and this is with reason. They are an inexpensive way to get your child outdoors, camping, and enjoying their summer break from school. These tents will be a hit at any sleepover, or just when it is siblings and patents. Trampoline tents are made just as any other tent, out of durable, outdoor, weather resistant material. Using the trampolines jumping surface as the bed will provide much more comfort than that of sleeping on the ground. They are very easy to assemble, and disassemble, so going camping anytime your kids want to will be super easy!